Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Week 12

When I graduate college, I want to live near the ocean somewhere. There are always beautiful pictures of the ocean and the coastlines, but I realized on my trip around the Pacific Coast, I didn't know how to capture the beauty that I saw. So, I thought that I would share some tips that one photographer revealed to make our ocean pictures better.
1. Find reflections
2. Notice the color of your photograph and adjust accordingly (the sky can give off amazing colors)
3. Be cautious of the seasons and the tides
4. Be sure to adjust your shutter speed in order to capture the movement of the water.
5. Mix up the format of your photo. Try taking the photo in a vertical position so you can capture both the foreground and the detail in the sky.
In this picture, they made their coastal picture better by finding a subject and capturing that with the coast in the background.

In this picture, they captured this picture noticing the colors that they were capturing, and turning the camera 90 degrees allowing them to have many elements of this picture.

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