Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Week 11

In going on the trip to Yellowstone, and seeing everyone else's pictures, I noticed that they all look a little different. I read an article this week about when shooting landscape photography one has to think about their viewpoint. This article said that you have to change your viewpoint in order to get the picture you are looking for. I learned this in Yellowstone. It mentions that sometimes you have to change locations, or sometimes you just need to get down to the level that isn't standing level to get a different picture and view.
Being in Yellowstone, we were all exposed to the same things, but every one of the pictures we took turned out different. This is because our vantage points were different. Some of us only stayed at standing level, while others were crouched, or stood on things to get different angles and let their photos tell different stories. So next time we are all out taking pictures, this is something to think about when we aren't getting the pictures we want, or like the article said, to find something truly unique.

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